Monday, September 6, 2010

Sinful Nail Polish With Sally Hansen.

- It took me forever to find the HD Sally Hansen polish in "DVD", I went to like three different stores (okay so maybe forever was pushing it), and they either didn't have it or was sold out.

The Sinful polish is "Rise And Shine", which is to the left.  I put it on and on in person it's a bit matte which I didn't expect at all.  And was a little saddened about, I'm currently having a love hate with matte, and maybe I'm the only one since it's going to be the fall trend. 

So anyway.  I decided to put the "DVD" on top of the Sinful to see what that would look like and I love it, it's gorgeous.  I don't think that color can fail on top of other colors, so far both times it's been lovely.   That polish is certainly worth every dime.

P.S. Please ignore my poor polish job, I'm not always the best at it lol

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