Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hauls Combined.

- First off I'm sorry I'm not doing everything in order of the pictures, just trying to do a list of everything in the pictures.
  • Little plastic jars - to try and make lip gloss at a later date.
  • Whatchamacallit candy bar.
  • WNW Eyeshadow Trio: Cool As a Cucumber
  • WNW Craze Polish: Rustic, Shield,  Goldmine, Jade, Lust.
  •  WNW Mega Last Polish: Blackmail, Under Your Spell, Candy-licious
  • WNW Wild Shine Polish: Tickled Pink, clear, Metallica, and  Eggplant Frost (I think).
  • WNW Eyeliner in Plum
  • WNW Lip Shimmer in Maple.
  • Sinful polish in Sugar Sugar
  • Nail polish remover - I wanted one with the sponge inside.
  • Mood Polish in Purple
  • LA Girls sparkly purple polish
  • Garnier anti aging roller with a tint for dark circles.
  • Lastly NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Smokey Topaz.

I blame Wet N Wild being half off at Walgreens.

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