Sunday, October 10, 2010

Needs To Be My Last Haul, My Wallet Cries Out...

 - Okay so with the Nivea's, Walgreens had their Nivea on sale for 1 dollar each and I had like a collection of dollar off coupons for it, for I paid 8 cents each for two of them and the other two ended up free entirely, and I can always use for chapsticks.

 Then I got the Eos's I thought they were all on the deal at Walgreens but apparently only the Summer Fruit and Honeysuckle (which they didn't have) but I got the Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop.   I love Lemon Drop.   I don't really like the Summer Fruit, mainly because I don't like the smell of it.   I really want the Sweet Mint.  But anyway the deal was you got back a printed off coupon for 3 bucks off your next purchase.  Which I then turned around and used on one of the Borghese mini nail polish sets which were clearanced at Walgreens for 4.99 (marked down from 9.99)
 - OPI Suede in We'll Always Have Paris.
- Borghese in Stellar Notte (Clearanced for 4 dollars)
- Piggy Polish in Fear Less (Clearanced for 4.99)
- Essence in Underwater (So cute and only 99 cents.)
 - Cute little mirror clearanced for 49 cents.
Ulta was still doing their buy two get one free so I got:
- Orly in Royal Navy
- Orly in Rose Radiance
- Orly in Rage
- Essence lip gloss in Rock On (These are 1.99 and totally awesome)
- Okay and these are the Borghese mini nail polish sets I mentioned above that I used my 3 dollar off coupon on.   Lovely.

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