Saturday, October 30, 2010


- Sinful's Nail Art in Be My Valentine.
- Sinful's Nail Art in Time Off.
- Wet N Wild in Midnight (I think)
 - Confetti Nail Polish in Can't remember because I suck.
- Confetti Nail Polish in Happy Birthday.

Okay the next photo is a bunch of polish I got at the dollar store in double packs.

- Sally Hansen's Nail Prisims in Lavender Pearl.
 - Sally Hansen's Salon Nail Lacquer in Cerise Noir.
- Sally Hansen's Nail Prisims in Purple Diamond.
- Sally Hansen's Nail Prisims in Diamond.
- NYC Metallic Nail Polish in Molten Metal.
- NYC Nail Glossies in 227 (no other name on it).

Then I got Sinful's Nail Art in "Bad Chick"  white.
Some cutesy little nail nail polish from the dollar store I thought it was cute it had the nail file in the cap. 
And lastly I got some cotton rounds, always helpful.

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