Friday, December 30, 2011

More Sally's And Ulta.

So no one stopped me from going back to Ulta and Sally's.  And I went to Target.  I didn't take pictures of the Target stuff, but I got a ton of little extras for upcoming packages.   And not everything above is for me, some are for swaps and such.

And I had a 15% off coupon to Sally's and I totally forgot to use it!  I was so mad at myself, but in reality it would have only saved me 1.80 but I'm like well that would have covered the lotions and the hair conditioner, oy.  I need to let it go lol

I forgot to take the eyeshadow I got at Sally's out of my purse and put it in the picture too, oops.

I'm really excited to try that lip gloss, it's kind of Beetle (think the polish) esque in the tube, but who knows how it'll translate on top my lips.

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The Lacquered Lady said...

I was so excited about this Sally sale. I got three CG polishes for a dollar each. Also, I always hit up the ULTA clearance section - earlier this month I found Absolutely Alice on clearance.

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