Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celtic Sun...

 - Okay, first off, I know this is a bad polish job, I did it in very low light which was unhelpful.

I bought this polish (China Glaze Celtic Sun) from a friend because I thought I'd love it, but not so much.

I knew it'd be sheer so I did a white base (although I used Revlon Powder Puff which is a matte suede and idk what effect that had on it if any.) to try and help it be more opaque which it isn't entirely.  I still very much have VNL.

I'm probably going to change this here shortly.   I'll probably try it again but with a better white for a base maybe and see how that goes, or really I could use a really light yellow for a base and then put this on top?   That'd be worth a try surely.   Or maybe I'll pick up a different neon yellow sometime.

Darn Scrangie she tricked me into thinking it'd be so awesome again, and not so much.

But I <3 you anyway Scrangie.



I like the yellow polish.
So pretty. :)
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Selene and Theia said...

such a nice color
very cute

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you both. I wanted a bright color but this was just too streaky I think. I'll have to try it with a different white under it, maybe it'll help.

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