Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sally's and Ulta Haul Post.

- This is my Sally's and Ulta haul.  I used one of the Sally's coupon's, and my total was maybe 30 dollars if that.  There was more I wanted (and want) but I ran out of money, story of my life lol

I wish there'd been more of the scented Color Club's left, although there was really only one more I wanted.   I also wanted the Finger Paints set, but I may go back and see if they still have any when I have money, I can hope right?

I think I might be most proud of the Orly set with gloves, they probably aren't my favorite polishes there but I think I'm most proud of it cause it was such a good deal and I got the last one.   I paid 4 dollars for it, and I mean how much are Orly's?  Depends where you go I know but let's say they're 7 dollars, so the polish alone are 21 dollars and then maybe 9 dollars for the gloves (let's just say), so they'd be an estimated value of 30 dollars, for 4 dollars, awesome!

Also Idk if you can see them that well, you may have to click to enlarge but in the photo on the bottom left there is a tweezers and file that match, they were each like 39 cents at Sally's, so cute.

I'm wearing the matte velvet Zoya, Phoebe.  Although I'm not sure I'm loving it.  I may liven it up and put the blue glittery Finger Paints above on top tonight.

And can I also just say I've been reading a lot about mean Sally's girl's, as in mean associates working there.  I love my Sally's, the owner knows me on sight now and is always so nice to me, she got me some of the Finger Paints flakies early out of the back and she's held things for me.  If you're Sally's girls are mean girls and you're ever in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, go to the Sally's in the Midway of St. Paul (on University), and if you see Tracy tell her Hi, and that Andrea (the girl with over 800 polishes) sent you.   And don't worry, she's nice.


Arielle said...

Free mittens?! Awesome! You did some good shopping girlie! I just love those tweezers and file! I wanna go look for them in my Sally's tomorrow!

Shopping Addict said...

Free mittens always rock and they're super cute.

And those tweezers are adorable but if you don't find them at Sally's go to your dollar store! They have the same type of tweezers that come with a mirror in a case, pretty awesome.

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