Monday, December 12, 2011

Still Sorry.

So, I got my charger in the mail.  It worked, yay!  Then literally the next day I had a virus that wiped out my computer.  And Andrew can't fix it, so a call was placed to someone who may be able to (I hope I hope I hope), but it won't be til idk when.  I hope soon.  So I'm still scarce.  And I apologize for that.

It's been a really bad two weeks.  I also had to rush one of my cats/children into the vet right about that same time (as the above happened) because he was bleeding everywhere from his nose, it was just pouring out and I got so scared, we (vet and I) think it was probably a sinus infection gone horribly wrong (not that it can go good.).  Because while he was bleeding he was sneezing blood.  It was awful.  I'm giving him an antibiotic now.

And a whole bunch of other drama and stuff is going on, but I won't get into it, I just wanted to try and explain what's going on, why I'm not posting atm, why I'm not commenting atm.

Here are a few other photos of stuff I got on the CVS sale/clearance, it's still going on.   Anybody go and get anything?  If so what did you get?

The only thing over two dollars in the photo is the eye shadows, pretty much everything else was one something, with the exception of the Confetti polish which was 49 cents and the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear which was 75 cents.  If you haven't gone to CVS yet, I still advise you to go before there's nothing left.


Jennius said...

Nice goodies. Sucks about your computer, i'm terrified of getting a virus! And I hope your kitty's okay!!!

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Jennius! Idk how it happened that I got the virus, I left my computer on overnight and it just sat there nobody was on it and when I came back and got on to check some stuff in the morning it had the virus and it was bad. My kitty seems to be doing better which I am so thankful for.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had some rough issues lately. Hope things turn around for you!

Shopping Addict said...

Yes, the last two weeks or so have just been utter crap. I hope things start going in the right direction. Milo seems to be doing better which I'm so thankful for. But now if I could get my computer fixed that'd be amazing.

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