Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eye Look Love.

 - This is the eye look I did yesterday, it's reminisint of the one I did for New Years Eve, but this time I tried to kind of foil it, it did work I thought and look really nice.

Now please ignore the fallout, I DID clean it up, but I notice if I blink really fast after doing this I had fall out just fall out.  Not good, but it didn't do that for too long, just long enough to mess with my photos.  Also wayward eyelash it wayward.
 - I used:
Elf Primer
MAC Fuchsia
MAC I can't recall which purple I used.
MAC Freshwater
Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes (I actually won this on their Facebook giveaway, yay!)

I wasn't wearing anything but EOS on my lips and probably should have.
Also I felt I should do eyeliner but I was worried I'd totally mess up and then be sad because I liked the shadow so much.

 - Then these photos are from my camera phone.

- haha it was entirely unintentional that my eyeshadow match my scarf but it seemed to lol


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!

Shopping Addict said...

haha thanks darling.

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