Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Below Deck On The Pacific Blue...

- A lovely girl (Thanks Hailee!) I met in one of my nail polish groups I'm in, and she offered to pick me up a Barielle polish when she placed an order she knew I wanted, which was so sweet of her.  But she also sent me two other polishes, we surprised each other with a few extras, she got me Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (which she must have been stalking me in the group to know I wanted that and I'm very thankful for her stalking abilities.) and China Glaze Below Deck.  I paired those latter two here.

I am so in love with the Pacific Blue, the whole time I wore it all I could do was stare at it and think "Best blue ever".  So amazing.  And I really love Below Deck too.

Also side note, it is very rare my right hand makes an appearance on my blog, but here it is lol


Unnaked Nails said...

OMG the ring finger mani! This is one of my fav looks; I do my nails like this quite often. That colour combo is lovely :)

Summer :) said...

i really need this blue polish. ugh.

haileelovespolish said...

Yes, I am a great stalker, loool. I'm glad you like them and Pacific Blue is totally the best blue ever! It's so bright and crisp!

MissAdelinne said...

Beautiful combination!

Shopping Addict said...

Unnaked Nails:
I seem to do the ring finger mani a lot, partly because I really like doing it and also because I get through my untrieds twice as fast lol Thank you.

You totally do need it, it's gorgeous!

You are a very good stalker and I am so glad you are. Such an amazing blue.

Thank you!

Ngelic said...

I love the combination of the colours! I can see any pastel colour go with that brown :)

Oh, I tag you in this

Can't wait to see what you wrote

Shopping Addict said...

It's a good minky color. Yay for tagging me, I'll do it soon!

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