Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Shadows.

 - Okay I have no idea why Blogger is flipping my photos sideways, I'm not sure how to fix it, so I'm hoping it straightens out, since it's done it before.  Sorry for it though.

I'm wearing:
Elf Eyeshadow Primer
Mac Chrome Yellow
Mac Bronze
Revlon Double Twist Mascara

And I should have lipgloss but I wasn't, fail.
 - Also whoever cursed me with my one psychotic eyebrow, I curse you.  But um, does anyone see the snowflake on my eyebrow, it's the oddest looking thing.  I double check the original photo to be sure I hadn't somehow done it, wow.
 - The bronze doesn't look very bronze here, although it's a fairly dark bronze to start with.

Oh how I appreciate you non psychotic eyebrow.
- Again random sideways photo.


Nail Designs xox said...

I love this look! I noticed if I make the camera sideways, the picture will also come out sideways even if I try to fix in paint shop pro. I hate that. I stopped doing the long up an down photo's and I noticed no problems anymore.

Shopping Addict said...

Thanks Sonia. I did fix them in Paint but they're flipped the opposite way they were to start with which is weird. Stupid Blogger.

I Drink Nail Polish said...

So pretty! Love this look! <3 And I totally keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your hair color - it's gorgeous! :)

No idea why Blogger is posting your photos sideways. I wish so much I had started my blog on Wordpress. *sigh*

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Ninon, that's so sweet. It was suppose to be turquoise but it didn't work out, so I was like well, I'm going to rock it out anyway lol
Stupid Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Your eye makeup looks awesome! I can't do my eyes for anything. I suck at applying makeup!

Shopping Addict said...

Thanks Amy! I really wasn't great at doing my eye make up when I started my blog, it just takes practice really.

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