Thursday, January 12, 2012


 - This was a package from Emma, (you should check out her blog) she hunted down for me the last two Sinful's I needed to complete my Adventure Island set - she got me Seaweed and Adventure Island.  And she sent me one of my lemmings China Glaze Traffic Jam.  And a C.O. Bigelow lipshine in Strawberries And Cream.   Awesome!
- Then I got some stuff I'd ordered.  I took advantage of Zoya's promo, two free polishes, just pay shipping.  I got Jana and Gemma (I wanted Kristen but there was a mix up, Zoya snuck an old cart in on me and as I was deleting Jana it got rid of Kristen and kept Jana.  Oh well.  My dearest Aaron also opt'd to take advantage of the promo and got it for me.).
Then I ordered "Warm And Fozzie" by OPI from Amazon, got it for 5 even which was nice.

And then a random pretty eyeshadow I ordered off ebay.

I do have more Zoya swatches to post, just haven't yet.  But I will.

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