Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vote For Me!!!

I'm a finalist on the Adoptapolish.org on two different polishes!!!
Here's what I had to say for Crush On You:
“It doesn’t matter to me that Katy Perry didn’t endorse you, I don’t own any of the polishes she did endorse, but I want to have you come live with me.
I will take good care of you, you can sit on the very top shelf with my other crackle loved children, so you’ll have plenty of friends and a great view of the whole living room – where there is a TV and XBox 360 (although you may have to team up with the other crackles to hit all the buttons…), so please come live with me and I will love you.”
And here's what I had to say for Charleston:
“I would love Charleston Essie if I were chosen to adopt him. He would never be banished to a bin, he would have a nice home with a few other Essie polishes (two actually a lone mother and daughter – so you never know what could happen, sparks could fly and they could live happily ever after.) in a nice drawer. The drawer would be opened daily so he could have fresh air and sunlight, and there are other polishes to play with and be friends with.
I’d also wear him on my nails lovingly so that everyone I came in contact with could pause to admire him for his true beauty that I know is there and see, because you can always see a good heart. And I know Charleston Essie has a remarkable one.”

So pretty please please please vote for me!
With a cherry on top.
Or maybe just a cherry color nail polish on nails?

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