Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Package From Sonia!

- I got my package from Sonia today.  Some of this I'd picked out along the way and some she picked out for me.   I love my Sonia.

I'm so excited to play with some of this stuff, and what color to do my nails next!   Probably one of those blues, they're calling my name.

Now I just need to finish bubble wrapping some of hers and send her her package.

Thank you Sonia, you're the greatest!  <3


Nail Designs xox said...

Yay, So glad everything got to your safe. I alwaysget paranoid about that. I think thats why I totally wrap it like crazy to make sure everything gets there safely haha

Shopping Addict said...

Haha I get paranoid about that too. I think I've only even gotten one thing broken, and that wasn't from you, and they hadn't wrapped it at all.

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