Friday, October 3, 2014

I Am The Bat...

Okay some ebay finds.
The first is a long lasting lip gloss.  M.N Me Now Generation II is the brand, you can find it on ebay for like 1.05 with free shipping.   This shade is 05.  I actually based on the tube thought it'd be darker.

I can't speak to how well the long wear is yet because I just put it on like 20 some minutes ago.  I will say I'm not keen on the scent (someone else said it was fruity, idk about that), and that they really do last a long long time.  So we'll see.  

It's also a bit sticky, but I'm not 100% it's finished setting yet. I wonder if translucent powder would help that along?  Idk.

Then the sunglasses.  Forever 21 had these like a year ago, and I wanted them so bad, but I missed out, now I found them on ebay for 7.95.   Awesome.  I was so happy.

And Milo love <3


Luna G. said...

haha those lipsticks smell like vinyl and fruit to me. XD That is a pretty color though. And nose bleedy kitty!

Shopping Addict said...

Yea, vinyl might be a better description. I wasn't very keen on it, but eh, ya take the good with the bad. And haha yep, nose bleed kitty.

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