Thursday, October 30, 2014

Firmoo Glasses Review...

(Picture heavy post).

I recently received a pair of glasses from Firmoo to review.  I do not wear glasses in my every day life but I do enjoy wearing them sometimes as more of a fashion accessory. 

I also thought some of my readers could benefit from knowing more about this site.

First off they come in a really nice case.  It has maps on it and the company name embossed.   Heavy duty, solid, nice.  I really like it.  I wasn't expecting such a nice case.
Here are the actual glasses.  I went with a simple black cat eye style but with a fun arm band motif. 
Which you can see better here.
The order also came with another glasses holder, more travel style?   A cloth to clean your glasses and a super nice adorable extra of a keychain screw driver, love it.
And here you see them on, I teased them in the last post, but now you'll see quite a few shots of me wearing them.

I'd like to note you can certainly still see the makeup I'm wearing even though I'm wearing the glasses <3

They feel sturdy yet light weight, which doesn't always go hand in hand.   They do feel a little tight on my face personally (but maybe they need to break in?  Idk if glasses break in haha oy, they probably do to some degree, and are stiffer since they're new) but I think I also have a wide face/bone structure.

At first I thought they were too small for my face (I'm use to huge over sized sunglasses more so really), but the more I wore them and got use to them I think they're pretty perfect really.
Firmoo offers a free glasses (not including lens) for new customers, click here it is a limited selection but if you're in the market for new glasses (and also maybe on a budget) I would suggest trying them.    So you just pay for lens and shipping, and there is a full refund if you are not satisfied.    The pair in the top row in the middle look nice, I vote for those for those looking.

The pair I'm wearing isn't including in that but if you're wondering what they are and want them, click here to go straight to them.  I got mine in black clearly, but there is another color option in this style.

Some editing on this shot for fun.
The makeup I'm wearing here can be found in a detailed post, click here.
Gotta do the looking over the glasses shot, mandatory when wearing glasses, clearly.

This was more of an outtake shot, but it amused me the light I use reflected green (due to the glasses coating I believe) even though it's white and it looks like there's a battery indicator on my eyeball, it even has the nib at the top.    Light ruining my shot lol
And here is a another shot of the fun whimsical arm bands.

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