Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme...

Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme

A full size is 2.0 oz which is 10.25.
I have what I can only presume in the sample size (there is a sample option on the site but it doesn't say how much you get in a sample which is kind of unhelpful for anyone just wanting to try it.   The sample price is 3.99.

This is a bit messy to apply, specially with nails, but I'm not sure a better packaging way to resolve that - though I would think you could put this in something similar to a normal deodorant tube that twists up?  If so that'd be helpful with applying.

I do love and adore the scent though, it really sells it, I really adore the mint in it, just perfect.

They have a ton of other scents, some of which I am very curious about like Iced Lemonade and Lavender Vanilla.  Those both sound lovely.

They also have some other product that sound really nice too.

Have you been wanting to try a 100% organic deodorant?  If so you can win one!  The company was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for this product, be sure to enter below!

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