Tuesday, April 21, 2015

HotSox Birth Of Venus Socks...

HotSox Women's Socks

I received Birth Of Venus trouser socks.
They're 7.99 on the site.

I love fun socks, I don't even think I own plain socks.  So these are right up my alley.  They're beautiful, I love all the colors together.  Also Birth Of Venus is a lovely piece of art.

They have tons of other fun socks on their sites too, food, cats, dogs, couples, more art, etc.
They feel thick and they're soft.  I'm wearing them right now.  Loving them.  I was worried they might be a bit tight on my ankles but they're not thankfully.

You should totally check out their site and peruse around.
 More up close shot of the detailing.
And this is just a camera phone shot I took wearing them.  The nails are upcoming in probably next post.

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