Monday, December 12, 2011

Julep Is Removing Bloggers Watermarks From Photos!

So I was on Facebook and I see Julep do a post which I almost always ignore cause we don't see eye to eye anymore, but I clicked: you should click too.
Now if they haven't removed this, you'll see it, but if they did well guess what I screen cap'd it just in case:

When I saw that first photo, I thought....wait a minute...that's Chloe's Nails.  But hmmm, none of these photos have watermarks and there's no kind of credit given in their blog post, but I KNEW it was Erika.  I'd know those nails just about anywhere, she's one of my favorite bloggers.   And I started talking about this post in some of the nail groups I'm in on Facebook and everyone agreed, those are Erika's nails, and one girl hunted down the original post: Back To Basics... although there seems to be a VERY BIG difference, Erika watermarks her photos.


Then another girl found where the 3rd photo came from: Talon-tastic Thursday: Sophisticated bling

Seriously?  They removed another girl's watermark. 
Who's betting they did it to the second photo as well?

I am really upset about this, like really upset.  This is the epitome of wrong.

I care deeply for all my fellow bloggers and I know how much work goes into running a blog.  And for someone to have their photos stolen like that, and not by some random person, but by a company, a company that I would think would want to be respected.   But judging from their actions I do not think they wish to be respected.  I think they don't care about bloggers, and that they'd like to lose business.

I mean seriously did they think bloggers wouldn't notice that those photos were taken and not being credited?  Do they think we're stupid?

Shakes head.

If this upsets you too, pass along the word (to friends, to fellow nail polish lovers, to Julep, to anyone who will listen) of these inexcusable actions.  Let other polish lovers know to steer clear, and let Julep know what you think of their actions.


Definitely Addicted said...

I'm glad you posted this!

Shopping Addict said...

Anytime. The word needs to get out there, feel free to share it!

Anonymous said...

this is terrible! and by a company?? do they not care about losing customer?

Shopping Addict said...

It really doesn't look like they do Whimsical Glam, sadly.

TopCoatIt said...

If you check it out now, the photo's have the original watermarks on them. Still, it never should have happened in the first place. Such crap.

illustratedlady said...

They have put the original watermarks on now, and apologized via twitter, but I will not forget it happened. They had to physically crop the pictures on purpose. also find it counterproductive for themselves to not use their own product. I will not be buying Julep any time soon.

Shopping Addict said...

TopCoatIt and illustratedlady:
Yes I saw them put them back up, but if you notice the original post had 3 photos not just two. The two they kept, the real photos/posts had been brought to everyone's attention, and it makes me wonder if they don't even remember where they got it from.

Jessica said...

Thanks for doing this post! I'll be reblogging it so other's know all about it.

Ashley K said...

Wow that is super shady of them. Especially since the products that were used to make those photos were not even theirs. To think I was about to buy some of their polishes not anymore. Thanks for posting this!

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Jessica, I'm glad you're spreading the word.

Ashley, I mean if they wanted to do funky french, I'm sure some of the girls in the office could have done some with some Julep polishes to post, but to take other bloggers photos and actually crop out their watermarks? That's horrible, that;s despicable. I'm glad you were able to see the post before you ordered anything.

ScarsLikeLace said...

I've been debating joining them for a while, but with all the links not working and that bs, I didn't. Plus they are insanely expensive and just not worth it.

After this stunt, though, I will definitely NEVER be joining! Thank you for letting everyone know and sharing this!

Not only do they over charge for their crappy products, nor can they properly run their business, but now they want to do something like this!? Ridiculous!

Shopping Addict said...

I think it's interesting that after this debacle that they are doing "join for a penny", I wonder how much business they lost with people quitting them after they did this.

Naz said...

Thank you for posting this! They've really stepped in it this time. First of all, they shouldn't even be using these photos. Second of all, removing watermarks is pretty much stripping the photographers of the credit they deserve for their work. I will not ever support this company.

Steve Winfield said...

HOW does Julep not know that anybody can use Google "search by image" with any photo's web address to search for other copies of it? This is plain stupidity on their part, and I'm postponing my plan to order some Julep until I hear that they've fired the person responsible!

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