Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Couple Things...

- Got a couple things at Walgreens.   I had coupons so I think I paid about 5 dollars for these five items, that's good right?

Yes To Carrots lip balm in Sweet Fig - I've been curious about these, and I had a 2 dollar off coupon, it was on sale for 3.99 so I paid 1.99
The WnW lipsticks in Stoplight Red and Think Pink.   They're on sale til May 26th I think it is, they're 99 cents atm (so stock up people!), and I had a dollar off coupon so one was free.
The Maybelline lipgloss in Raspberry Sorbet, this was clearanced, I don't think I've ever tried this line of their gloss, it was clearanced for 3.29, I had a dollar off coupon, making it 2.29.  I wish I could remember how much they normally were, I don't think it was very cheap though.
The Revlon file, I had a coupon that printed out awhile back for 2 dollars off a beauty tool and I'd keep forgetting to look at them.  The file was 2.29, 2 dollars off, making it 29 cents.

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