Thursday, May 24, 2012


 - in NTMS the weekly challenge was VIDEO GAMES! Yay.  I had a really hard time choosing what to use as inspiration.  I actually had Joe help me on this one - and I narrowed it down to two games - Bioshock and Singularity, can you guess which she picked?  Singularity it was.  I'd already used Bioshock as inspiration before for Halloween that one year so this was different.

She did my eyes, I mostly did my lips.

She used a ton of stuff.  No primer, she mixed the shadows with lotion.
She used Kat Von D palette, Aromaleigh shadows, Jane shadow and her 120 palette.  She used her gel liner.  Maybelline Falsies mascara.

She also did my brows, as if you couldn't tell lol

 - I used Rimmel Airy Fairy for the first time, put some Essence gloss on top of that and then mixed in some pigments - or tried to, it was my first time doing that.

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