Friday, May 18, 2012

Empties, Future Posts, Box Supscriptions...

- Some more empties.

I had some full size shampoo/conditioners laying around with only a little bit left in them because I'd get a new one and just quit the old one because I'd be excited for the new one.  So I used up one of the pairs I had laying around.

Then I also used up a travel size shampoo.

A travel size baby lotion.

And a pack of cotton rounds.

I'm soooooo close to finishing off that darn make up remover, but I just haven't been wearing make up much lately, fail I know.  But I've been so busy downsizing, cleaning, and trying to slowly get ready to move.   I still don't know exactly when I'm moving but I know I still have a long road ahead of me just with all the cleaning and downsizing.

I have a bunch of posts I want to do.  I got some stuff via credits on sites, that I want to share.
I have my Glossybox I haven't gotten to post.   My spring Influenster box.  I also got Birchbox but I didn't take a pic of it either, but I was really saddened by it and canceled (again).   I also never took pictures of my last MyGlam, which was also lackluster and I canceled.   However I am expecting a MyGlam package atm because I won one of their contests and am getting May's bag for free, I'm excited for the lipstick that will be in it because I've been on such a lipstick kick lately.  But I'm worried it's going to be a not so flattering color, based on what I've seen other girls getting.  I'm glad I won this one, I  wasn't sure how it sits with me that most of the lipstick colors are discontinued and I was told that the Urban Decay eyeliners (which don't get me wrong I was thrilled to get mine) were just broken up from their clearance sets, it just don't bode well with me.

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