Monday, May 21, 2012

May MyGlam Bag.

- This is the MyGlam May bag I won!   They didn't want to acknowledge that I won to start with, many emails had to be sent and they weren't exceptionally nice to start with.   I had to go through two different people to finally get what I rightfully won.  And then it was shipped out later than everybody else's (tho they seem to have more shipping issues this month, again.) so I had to wait longer giving me plenty of time to witness all sorts of ugly going on on their facebook page to do with the lipsticks.   I opened my lipstick box being like "Don't be ugly, don't be ugly, don't be ugly.".  The boy liked it, I'm ehhh on it, I did see a okay swatch of it, so maybe I can make it work.  They certainly weren't spring/summer colors, I might wait til closer to fall to rock it, I am excited to try a new brand though.  And I now have all the brushes to complete my pouch, the make up bag is cute, I'm kind of up in the air on the cuteness though, I think the sheen throws me off, and a youtuber said it's the kind of material where if you get it wet it seems to stain (which is such a stupid material for a make up bag, am I right?) I got a drop or two of water on it and she seems to be entirely right.   The nail bling I'm curious to try, maybe as accent nails, although the packaging makes me think of something on ebay for a penny bid to start.   I hope they stick well.   And the perfume, I haven't smelled this yet but I adore Philosophy so much, so I'm sure I'll love it.   The "Love Is In The Air" theme always as other bloggers/youtubers said is a bit more Valentine's Day than anything, which seems off in May.  The bag did reek to high heavens, which seems to be the norm now, I waved the bag under the boy's nose, he has an abnormal sense of smell, he gagged.

I probably sound really ungrateful and awful in this post, but I was just very frustrated after all the falderal, and yes I did win this bag but I paid for months and months of bags before that.  So sorry if I sound horrible, just being honest (in my own opinion anyway).


Niki said...

no you didnt sound horrible! i completely understand your frustration!!! happy you finally got it :)

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Niki!
I saw they've been deleting quite a couple comments the last couple days too, which I don't like, I lose respect for a company that does that. Bloom did that too.

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