Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!

 - I got my Target Beauty Bag!  I was starting to worry I wouldn't be getting one due to all the falderal on their FB during the giveaway.  But it came and I was so excited!

I took a picture of the box while I was still in the car lol
- The bag is cute.   I was really looking forward to the samples.  I've been using a different Simple sample of their face wash lately and I like it, so I'm looking forward to trying these facial wipes.  And I got a conditioner which was surprising, I always get a shampoo and never conditioner - I wish they'd do both, I don't know anyone really who only uses one and not the other.   The Nivea will be my next hand lotion I use that sits on the desk.  I'm half way down with a Johnson's Natural sample (which I oddly enough got at Target as well haha

There was also a coupon book that came with the bag, it has some nice coupons in there, like one for Revlon and one for the upcoming Sally Hansen Magnetics, oooo.

Anybody else get a Target bag, what'd ya think?


Rebelious Missa said...

Again.. something else not offered in Canada. I'm jealous!

Looks great nonetheless!

Shopping Addict said...

I'm sorry Missa lol maybe someday they'll start including Canada more, I hope!

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