Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pembrook Wheelchair Backpack Bag...

Pembrook Wheelchair Backpack Bag

On sale for 14.95 on Amazon.

Here is what it says on Amazon:

  • SIZE - The wheelchair Backpack measures 18 inches wide X 16 inches tall. The bag is designed to expand an additional 6-8 inches when it is loaded with items.
  • REFLECTIVE - A 13 inch X 1 inch reflective stripe across the top flap closure makes you visible from up to 100 meters at night.
  • DURABLE - Double-stitched seams and reinforced stress points. Designed to last a lifetime.
  • WATER RESISTANT - The bag is crafted from 70-Denier DuroTec Nylon fabric and resistant to water.
  • VERSATILE - Two adjustable and clip on/off straps allow this bag to be connect to nearly any mobility device.
They also offer Pembrook Wheelchair Side Bag - which I would also like to get, and try.

The first photo is just laying on my desk and the second is showing the back to give you an idea of how it attaches in the back.

I received this for review purposes, my mom is in end stage renal failure, she goes to dialysis 3 times a week.  She has a mobility scooter (but I like to call it a ridey cart), and she has issues with storage and carrying things home so I thought this would be perfect.

Here I used the flash so you could see the reflective stripe on the back which is perfect for when she is out and about in the neighborhood, we live on a very busy busy street.

She doesn't always back that basket on the back, but she happened to when I first put the bag on.
One without flash.
And just grabbed something to put in it to show, actually it is kind of perfect for carrying reusable bags for when we go our grocery shopping.  The one I put it in is a freezer/cold bag so it's insulated and  very thick so it might not have been the best one to show.

She really loves the bag, specially when she doesn't have that basket on, sometimes in our building the elevator tries to close on the basket and there's no risk of that with the bag.

I definitely want to look into the side bag more, I think it'd be really great, specially for things she needs to get to a lot, like her Metro Mobility card and riding tickets, phone, etc.

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