Thursday, May 28, 2015

3 More Of The MN Matte Liquid Lip Color Swatches...

Today I bring you a few more of the M.N. Matte Liquid Lip Colors that MBA carries now.  I'm still waiting on a shade in the mail but I couldn't wait to swatch these.  I might do a big post when I get that one and just reshow all my swatches of them.

I should have probably done one more coat on #32.   #26 looks sooo pretty.
If you want to order some of these thru MBA Cosmetics website, I do have a discount code you can use: ALLURE15

To see some more of my swatches:
12 shades swatched here.
6 more here.

These were bought with my own money, if you opt to use my affiliate discount code I mucho appreciate it <3

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