Sunday, May 24, 2015

Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earbuds...

Silicon Devices Comfort And Bluetooth Earphones

They are currently on sale for 69.87 on Amazon.

Here is what it says on Amazon about the product:
  • Silicon Devices Comfort+ Bluetooth Headphones are the latest generation design created to accompany you throughout every moment of the day with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing you to listen to music from your cell phone from as far away as 30 ft.
  • HD Crystal Clear Sound (EXTRA BASS) - Created to meet the expectations of the most demanding music connoisseur, Comfort+ bluetooth earbuds provide incomparable sound quality, approximating the human ear, with a rich, dynamic soundstage that accentuates every detail of your music with crisp, tight clarity and booming digital bass for every genre in your collection.
  • Receive phone calls at any moment with Comfort+ Wireless Headphones - A latest generation microphone allows the Comfort+ Headphones to give the user instant access to receive or cancel incoming calls or make outgoing calls at the click of a button on the main control switch even during vigorous activities without necessitating handling the phone itself.
  • Perfect fit for all sizes and ages - Silicon Devices thought about everyone and designed Comfort+ Earphones to be comfortably used in ears of any shape and size without sacrificing music quality.
  • Sweat proof and built for extreme activities - When doing vigorous exercises, most exercise earbuds on the market have the tendency to slip out of place and cause a loss of concentration on the sport or job at hand. Comfort+ Workout Earbuds are totally sweat proof and were developed to be used on all occasions, including during rigorous physical activities and impact sports.

Now I have used these for both music and talking.  I can say for sure talking drained the battery in 3 hours which seemed a bit quick to me but upon emailing with the company they say that for talking that that is a normal amount of time.

I love the carrying case, and I can't even say how much I LOVE the color of them it's so perfect and awesome.  I adore them.

The only thing I wish was different is that the on off button is right where I have a tendency to push my ear buds in at and I keep worrying I'm going to accidentally turn them off while I'm using them.  Well and maybe that the charging cord was a smidge longer.  But they have worked perfectly for me.  Great for talking, listening to music and working out.  Super pleased.
Like seriously, this color is to die for.

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