Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She Worked Her Black Magic...

This doesn't make it into a lot of photos because it's on my right hand, my Gemini ring, I never take it off <3 Worn it for about 8 years now.
Salon Perfect Brow Pomade.

Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer.
NYX pencil in Milk.
MBA Cosmetics shadows in Tickled Pink and Black Magic.
Covergirl Intensify Me liner.
Covergirl liner (lower).
No mascara cause I entirely forgot somehow.

MBA Cosmetics lip color in V.I. Pink.
Want to save some money on your next MBA Cosmetics order?  Use code: ALLURE15

Shadows and lipstick provided for modeling purposes.  Affiliate code mucho appreciated if you opt to use it, means a lot to me <3

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