Saturday, May 16, 2015

More M.N. Matte Liquid Lip Color Swatches...

Today I have more of the M.N. Matte Liquid Lip Colors.  MBA Cosmetics carries these for 3.75, BUT if you use my code: ALLURE15 you can save some money on them (and anything on the site).

You can see more swatches I've done before here: CLICK HERE.  There are 12 more colors there for your viewing pleasure.

Order Here.

I've heard 02 is suppose to be a good Lime Crime Riot dupe.  Though I cannot attest to it.
This shade was hard to capture how pretty it was, so here is one at a bit of an angle to see its gorgeous sheen.  I feel like this could be a really good topper on another color too.

And one shot with flash.

Bought these all with my money.  Code is affiliate though, and deeply appreciated if you opt to use it.

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