Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Obviously Need To Go On A No Buy...

 - The first photo has three LA Colors Eye Shadows from the Dollar Store.
The second photo has "Vamp Red" I believe it is for the Fantasy Makers nail polish.  A clearanced set of Dove deorderant.  Revlon's "Facets Of Fushia".  And Confetti's "Blue Bombshell".
The third photo has three of the Wet N Wild sets, "SaGreena The Teenage Witch", "FuchsiaRama", and "Ebony Hates Chris".  These for all a dollar, so that translates into 50 cents for the polish and 50 cents for the top coat, awesome.
The last photo has Revlon's "Fire Fox" (I got it for 44 cents, I already have it so it's for a friend.), The WNW set Silvivor.  The Ghoulish Glow was a gift.  And last is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Deep Blue Sea" that was clearanced at Target for 1.77, and it's limited edition, awesome.

I have more posts for the haul than this, so consider this part one.
I am going to try and do a no buy for awhile, with the exception of maybe some limited holiday polishes if I find them (i.e. WNW On The Prowl), and the buy one get one on Butter polishes at Ulta on the 20th, there's no way I'm passing that one up.


Anonymous said...

So awesome!

Shopping Addict said...

Thanks, I was going to post the second half but my pictures were being uncooperative.

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