Saturday, February 18, 2012

MyGlam Take Two...

- This is my second MyGlam I've gotten.   Here's the post for the first bag I got.   If you haven't read it you might want to.   There was a lot of drama last month, bags going missing, people getting two bags, people being charged more than once, people getting bags that had been shipped to other people and opened.  Nothing good about any of that.

But this month is a new month.

So I got my bag, in a somewhat decent timely fashion.  It was Valentine's Day themed, although the only thing I think that is Valentine's Day about it is the bag and maybe the chocolates (there were two in that little gray box).   I should have had a X Out Shine Control product but it was missing from my bag.   There was also a mask (two masks products back to back and from the same company), two Premier Dead Sea samples.  A "gift certificate" for 100 dollars at Nu-Me, but it's only able to be used on hair styling tools (the cheapest being 115 dollars, with I think I read 12 dollars shipping, so you're still out nearly 30 out of pocket, which if you really wanted a mini flat iron then that's awesome and great.  But I kind of feel gyped since I have no use for this.  You could also use it on hair extensions, the cheapest being 200 dollars.  I don't need hair extensions either.), so it's more of a coupon with restrictions than a gift card.   Then there was the cute cosmetic bag, pink with black hearts, I do really like that.  And a NYX Roll On Shimmer, I got it in Salmon.   It's a pretty color.

I did email them about my missing product, I kind of felt I had to go round with them once or twice to figure out what was going to be done, I've been put on the list for a replacement, and if they don't end of having any then I will get a refund.

I'm swapping the "gift certificate", I'm getting make up instead, which I'll certainly use much more and am excited for. 

The chocolate was good.
The color of the NYX was good, and I do enjoy the NYX products I've tried so far.
I'm eh about the mask, I don't use a lot of masks and will probably put this in a upcoming trade I'll be doing.
I'll totally use the bag.
The Dead Sea samples are a big small but I'm sure I'll give them a try too.
And then the X Out Shine Control I didn't get so I can't speak on it.

And yes there is a random Plants Vs. Zombies Walnut in my photo.


Lisaaaaaa(: said...

haha yes! I immediately thought of Plant Vs Zombies when I saw the picture!

Ashley K said...

I just got mine in the mail too and I'm with you about the "gift certificate" I have never even heard of NuME... So that was a big let down for this bag. Hopefully next month they will be more makeup related instead of skincare after skincare product.

Shopping Addict said...

I'm glad you did! Not everyone recognizes him right away lol

I had never heard of NuME either, it was a let down, I agree, although they seem to be very tradeable so I'd suggest trying to trade yours for make up or something, that's what I did. I'm really hoping it'll be more makeup next month. I'm eh on all the skincare stuff.

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