Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Day 5.

 - Just a full face.  Blah.  I'm not feeling good today.
 - This was a really odd angle for my eye, and it's my left eye with my psychotic eyebrow, instead of my right eye that I normally take pics of.
- This is the normal Elf primer, Loreal mascara, and the the lighter blue and white from the palette but I mixed in another shadow, Jordana in Alter Ego.  It was the second Jordana shadow I've tried.  I tried Ms. Brown yesterday (with the palette) but I didn't get pictures yesterday or the day before (when I did the bronzey/browns from the palette).   I really liked both Jordana shades I tried.  And I know Kmart is clearancing some, so you might want to check that out if you want to try them too or just want some new ones.

Update On The Project:
I did end up finishing off my conditioner yesterday, and tomorrow I'll probably finish the shampoo.  So yay for finishing something.


The Peach said...

Lovely look! Yay for getting the shampoo gone! Keep up the good work!

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Peach!!

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