Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Pan/Shop Your Stash/Try Not To Buy Anything.

Okay so me and my friend Alexandra are going to do a type of Project Pan.
We're going to start on Friday I think.

Here is a list of the items I have picked:
  1. Absolute! Eyeshadow Palette - 12 Colors
  2. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Using As A Nail Polish Base Coat)
  3. Vaseline Lotion
  4. Wet N Wild Coloricon Pencil Eyeliner In Black Black
  5. John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo
  6. John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner
  7. EOS Lip Balm In Sweet Mint
  8. Philosophy Body Wash in Happy Birthday!
  9. Elf Eyeshadow Primer
  10. Loreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara
  11. Clean And Clear Eye Makeup Remover
I ended up with 11 items instead of say 10.
Here's kind of what I'm thinking we'll do this for a month and then regroup and see where we want to go from there and see how our progress is. 

I expect to for sure use at least half of these items, if not more.   I also have an idea for what to do when I've used some of them up, like say the shampoo/conditioner I have a bunch of mini bottles I've gotten as freebie/samples and I think I'll work my way through using them after these to try and get rid of some of them since I don't travel much and don't need a bunch of them taking up space other things could be in.  I also have other body washes and lotions I can work on making my way through next.  Same with base coats and eye primers, and EOS.

And okay, other rules I'm thinking of.
  • I can buy limited edition things, and depending on the item maybe I won't use it and save it as a reward.
  • And while I am using an eye palette as one of my items, I am not required to use just that, I can use other eyeshadows with my look as long as I use something from this palette.
  • Also I've never really used this palette it's brand new.  I'm going to add a loophole in, if it's the worst piece of crap ever that won't work for anything I can swap it out for a different palette.   But I will do my best with this one.
  • And whatever shopping I do for my swaps I'm already in will not count against me and whatever I get for my swap won't count against me either.

This is my first Project Pan of any kind.  I have tried a no buy before which didn't work very well.   I know I probably won't do perfectly on this (is it wrong I'm already thinking that?  I think I'm being more of a realist than anything I know me.) but I will try.  And I don't expect to use every item entirely in a month, but I'd like to make a good dent in what I don't finish.

And here's a photo of my products:


Emma Thea said...

I'm doing a no-buy! We can do eeet!

Shopping Addict said...

Emma, we'll all be each other's moral support lol

Rebelious Missa said...

Sounds like fun! I have been trying to use up some of the products I have as well instead of just buying more. It's been going great for most things!

Shopping Addict said...

That's good Missa, I wish you luck!

Y. said...

Ohh, you posted already. <3 I'll try taking a picture tomorrow when there's still light outside & post my vague list.

Shopping Addict said...

Rock on Y, I'll link to you when you get it up!

Y. said...

And since I'm a spazz, I went ahead and posted without the picture, since I'm not positive I'll have the time to post tomorrow. I ended up with something like eight hundred items I want to use up ASAP, so I've changed the focus of this a bit for myself, if you don't mind. Groundwork rules are quite similar to yours.

Here's the post: http://www.smthntrl.net/2012/02/project-pan.html

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