Sunday, February 19, 2012

Testing Milani Eye Makeup Out...

- This is totally just something I was testing out, it isn't a look, nor if it were a look would it be a finished one.

I picked up Milani's eyeshadow in Coffee Shop clearanced at CVS for 1.69 (If you haven't looked at your CVS, a fair amount of Milani is clearanced although maybe not marked.) and the (also Milani) Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Charcoal clearanced for under 2 dollars. 

I was just testing them out at the same time.  The eyeshadow took work to get pay off, but I really like the color and I'm glad I know that now and I didn't pay full price for it.  Also the eyeliner went on nice, but I do wonder how often will I reach for a gray liner?

In the end I did kind of like those colors together, thoughts?

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