Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Made A Lipstick Holder!

 - So I've been on the lipstick kick I mentioned and had wanted a holder, but I'm trying to save money and I'd found a YouTube video where someone made one.   I was still a little torn between a pretty tiered acrylic one an maybe making one.  But when I saw the cotton/qtip holder things at the Dollar Tree today, I took it as a sign, since I didn't think I'd ever seen them in there before.
 So I dumped all the contents out and put them in ziplocks for use (840 qtips, 60 cotton squares, and 60 cotton balls) whenever I need them.  I tried picking those damn stickers off but they just wouldn't come off nicely, except for on like two.  Then I cut off the lids and hot glued them together.

I later also put clear packaging tape around them too since I don't trust that hot glue.   I intend to probably decorate the outside of these later on.
 - As you can see Leo wanted to help me.  But he didn't want to look at the camera.  He wasn't ready for his close up.

Six of these together should hold 96 lipsticks, four in each slot, I hadn't any problem (yet) fitting four in each slot.
- I swear I had more lipsticks than this.  I KNOW I do, I can even think of a certain one, two actually, but Idk where it is.  I swear this apartment just eats things when you're not looking.  It kind of made me sad to see how empty this is.   I almost only glued 4 together and then glued the other two together to maybe put other cosmetics in but I didn't.  Maybe I should have.  Although I'm sure I'll get a few more along the way and it'll slowly fill.  And in x amount of time you'll hear me complaining that I'm running out of room.

This last picture is the way it looks atm.  I do have a lipstick coming in the mail, and one in my purse I need to exchange.  So with the exception of two more, that's what I got for lipsticks, unless the other ones turn up.


Nail Designs xox said...

So amazing. I need to see if I can fit this anywhere before I make it!!

Shopping Addict said...

I was thinking either sitting on a memler or in a melmer drawer if I can designate a drawer for it.

Reen ʚϊɞ said...

this is just awesome! I think I'll buy more and more and more lip products if I have these containers. xD

Shopping Addict said...

Reen, thank you! It seems I've done just that lol

Keyanna Young said...

A shoe box to put it in would work too!

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