Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Leo!

- Leo won a box for his birthday this month from Pawalla on Facebox which was pretty amazing.  He just turned 5.

He loves to do this to boxes, get on it and scratch it.
 - Then we got to the opening part, and his older brother Milo joined in on the fun of course.  I wasn't sure they'd like this toy at first it's not the normal style we get, but they did, as you can see and will see more of.
 - Look at the camera boys!   And I'd set up one of the cans of food they got...
 - Which didn't stay there long...

Leo (or well they) got four cans of food (which I also wasn't sure if they'd like but they've tried two of them and liked them), three bags of treats (tried two one did not go over.  We'll pass it along to another kitty I think).  A spray which is good for allergies and dry feet/noses, only just tried that, on Leo's dry feet which he was not amused with my spraying his feet.  And then the cute toy.
 - I Love Leo's expression here.
 - Milo says these are clearly for him.
- And did I mention we liked the toy?

Also I kept that box, Leo and Milo take turns sleeping in it, they do love their boxes and it's a nice rectangle box.

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