Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vintage Compact.

 - I ordered this off of etsy, when it showed up it wasn't quite what I thought I was getting, as you can see there's a drastic difference between the one shown and the one I received.  Upon talking to them they said I could send it back (they offered to reimburse shipping) and then they'd refund me but I just didn't have the energy for the hassle so I let it go but I think I would have certainly preferred the silver not the bronzey gold.
- It still had the puff with it.
 - Closer of the puff.
 - And someone had hit pan on this back in the day.  I guess I didn't take a picture of it after I cleaned out the powder since I mainly just wanted this for the mirror.

I did contact Revlon asking if they could date the compact, and they got back to me and said it was from 1953 which is pretty awesome.
 - Honestly the fact that it has an "A" written on it is a piece of the reason I just opt'd to keep it.  My name is Andrea and I felt like it was just meant to be.  I do wonder what their name was.
- This is my Nook case, my friend Aaron bought me a sticker I loved off of RedBubble, and I just put it on my case, I love it so much.

Little Bioshock love anyone?

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