Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Sweet Surrender Of The Socialite...

This was a bit of a makeup fail.
I tried a sample primer I had that said it could be used for eyeshadow as well.   Well it's the only thing different I used.  And my eyeshadows almost seemed to be repelled by it.  My eyeshadows went all No No Cat on me.


I decided to post it anyway.

MUA Brunette pencil.

Benefit 360 Stay Put primer.
Tick Tock's Milky Way base. 
Darling Girl Cosmetics Sweet Surrender and Socialite, with a touch or O RLY?.

MUA shade 4.


A said...

Even if it were a primer fail, I still love the look. These shades look so good together, I should try something like that.

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Alex, I really did love these colors together too <3

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