Friday, March 8, 2013

StarLooks February Box!

I was given the opportunity to try Starlooks for review (and I am so glad I got to).

-This is what the box itself looked like.  I love it, it's so pretty.

Starlooks is a monthly box subscription service (like Birchbox or Ipsy), it costs 15 dollars a month and you get all full size products.   You get 3-4 full size products and each box is worth a minimum of 35+.

 - The contents of the box.
A gel liner in Princess Diaries (15.00).
A lip gloss in Pink Oasis (11.00).
A lip liner in Tipsy (8.00).
A HD liquid blush in Cheeky Luscious (15.00).
And a cute little crystal (amount unknown).

Total worth - 49.00 dollars!

(all products can be bought individually too it seems which is nice.)

There is also a special Lauren Clark set you can currently get here. It Includes the following 4 Starlooks Products: "Tipsy" Lipstick, "Tipsy" Lip Gloss, "Tipsy" Lip Liner, and bonus item "Cheeky Luscious" HD Fluid Blush!
 - Is that gel liner not the prettiest most perfect pink ever?  I am so in love with it, so in love.

- Sorry this photo is sideways, it wasn't on my computer, but it feels the need to be now.  If it were right side up, the swatches would go, blush (blended out), lip liner, then second line is gloss and the gel liner but used like a cream shadow.
 - Now I was trying to swatch the liner as a liner here, the top middle is just it (and there was no primer under any of this), the bottom left is it swatched over a white base, and the bottom right is over a black base.  What my camera isn't catching is that the pink is very iridescent and when the light hits it, well angels sing.
 - This is the gloss on it's own, super pretty, probably this and the liner are my two favorite things in the box <3
 - The lip liner filling in all of my lips.

 - The gloss over said lip liner.
 - Here I'm wearing the gel liner but applied as a all over wash of color to the lids, with some black liner.  And the gloss on my lips.  I also used the blush but very sparingly.
 - I'm sorry my camera just could not capture the true beauty of that liner color.
 - After I took the above shots I went back and added a pretty pink shadow over that gel liner, line it was a base for my shadow.  The camera still couldn't capture the beauty.  My camera just knew it wasn't worthy.  I wish you could have seen it in person.
- The shadow I layered over it was Virus Insanity's shade Zombie Cupcake.

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