Sunday, June 8, 2014

BFTE - Stars & Stripes - Swatches And Looks...

These two shadows come from a small collection by BFTE coming out the 14th of June (will be on sale til the 5th of July), called Stars & Stripes. 

This is Brave.
This shade is a lovely white color with amazing blue sparkles, if there's one color I'd buy the whole collection for it is this one.  It is also amazing over darker colors, I haven't tried it on a black base yet but you can kind of see what I mean over Liberty in the last shot.
This is Freedom.
I would say Freedom is a reddish color with a bit of pink, lovely shade. 
This is Liberty.
Liberty is the perfect shade of blue, I love my blues, that's no mystery, and I do adore this hue of blue. 
This is Brave and Liberty together, there are more shots of this look in this post.

I really do love this combination.  The white and the blue, gorgeous together.
This is all three shades, Freedom on my main lid, with a bit of Liberty in the crease and Brave as a highlight.  Probably not the best picture of it, but was just trying it out after I did the shots of Freedom alone.
And this is the same combo I loved, but in reverse.  With Liberty on the main lid and Brave is in the crease, inner corner and highlight.

Brave is utterly even more gorgeous over Liberty.  These together, in any combination are divine.

All shades are over my usual Concrete Minerals primer and Darling Girl base in Fluff.

I did receive these shades for review purposes, it does not taint my thoughts or opinions.

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