Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lip Monthly - June 2014.

Isn't this box adorable?  I'm trying to think if there's a cute way I can reuse it, maybe some kind of a storage way.  So cute.
Lip Monthly is a new beauty subscription service, I paid five dollars for my first one (with a code which I will share with you in a moment), it's normally ten dollars each.

I received lipstick, in red, unf, they saw me coming.

I also got a set of Mary Kate and Ashley lip foils, which I'm very curious to try.

I got a Lipology Anti Feathering Stick, I don't normally feel I have feathering issues but I'm glad to have this for whenever I may need it.

Then you get one non lip item (otherwise clearly you get all lip items) and this month it's Essie Purifying Hand Treatment.  I'd actually just been wishing I had some kind of hand treatment, nice timing.
 If you'd like to sign up please click here:
Clicky Clicky and then if you input the code SUMMERLIPS you should be able to get your first box for five dollars which I think is a pretty good deal myself.  I'm thinking I'll probably be staying with this one myself.

 I wore the red lipstick the other night and here is a close up swatch of it.

lol - Lots Of Love lipstick in Dance With The Devil.  Pretty red.  


Baroque In Babylon said...

I signed up- thanks for the review and info!! xoxo

Shopping Addict said...

Aww thank you <3

Alex said...

ohhh they ship to my lands! I'll be subscribing next month, since this month calls for shoes for wedding. <3

Shopping Addict said...

Well when you do Alex be sure to go thru my link *Wink*

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