Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Not A Lake, It's An Ocean...

 This is about to get pic heavy.  Warning.

This is a look I did based on Alan Wake for a contest (though I'd been thinking of doing a Alan Wake look anyway but it'd have been slightly different, so I might still).  Which is a game I absolutely love and adore.  I kind of just took the colors from some of what Alan wears.

This is BeautyBarBaby Opulent Opaque Lipstick in Eleonora. 

I won this recently, first time trying it.
Wet N Wild pencil.

Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer.
Darling Girl base in Fluff.
Shiro shadows in Chinchillin', It's Mossy!, Lingered In Twilight, Rebellion and Cake!
Essence liner (upper).
Urban Decay liner in Junkie (lower).
Loreal Miss Manga mascara.

BeautyBarBaby lipstick in Eleonora.

 "And now to see your love set free
You will need the witch's cabin key
Find the lady of the light gone mad with the night

That's how you reshape destiny..."

 Can't do Alan Wake without a flashlight <3

Just kind a fun edited one with the flashlight.

These two are just reference shots from Google Image Search.

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