Friday, June 27, 2014

Treatsie - June 2014.

Today I bring you another food monthly subscription service, but this one is sweets.  Chocolate.

Have your attention?  I thought so lol
Pretty tissue paper. 

Below you'll see what I got in my first box.

I can't say I was blown away, I think I was expecting something slightly different.   But this could be up someone else's alley entirely.   If I trusted my dental work more I would probably be happier haha
I do look forward to inhaling that Sea Salt chocolate bar though.  Like right after I get done with this post.

If you sign up thru my link you can get your first box for free to try, just pay shipping, which is 4.95.   I think it's entirely worth trying.   You might get something amazing and love it.

Click here to get your first box free!

I will also add that they were only like a weekend late in sending my box and immediately adding the amount of the box in points to my account (which you can use to buy items in the shop), also this was packaged the best I've seen.  Super poofy envelope and what was an ice pack (wasn't ice anymore but it probably helped along the way), so props on that entirely.

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