Sunday, June 15, 2014

Love With Food - June 2014.

This is another subscription service I was giving a try, a friend of mine does it and I got the first box for free just paid 2 dollars shipping.

If you want to sign up click HERE, you should also get the same deal, free box just pay 2 dollars shipping, entirely worth trying, entirely.
 I immediately inhaled the Baked Cheddar Cheese fries, they were SOOOOO good, omg, I want more!   (Which also btw you can buy what you get in the box off the site which is really a nice feature.).

I didn't care a lot for the cookie, it's ginger and cayenne, just not my thing.

I am really curious to try the popcorn mix, it's caramel and cheddar cheese popcorn, very interesting, apparently it's a Chicago blend.
Another shot so you can kind of see it better.  And my Angelina Jolie background on my laptop lol 

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