Monday, March 23, 2015

As Seen On TV - Kitticat Arch...

Kitty Cat Arch
Self Groomer with Cat Nip.
As Seen On TV.

Price isn't listed on Amazon atm, I know I've seen them in store for about 20 dollars at Walmart I believe.

Here is what Amazon says:
  • Cat Groomer brushes cat's furr
  • removes shedding hair while cat are playing
  • the strong bristles remove loose hair
  • sturdy base perfect to use as cat scratcher
  • bag of catnip included , so your cat keep coming back for more
Here are my children checking it out.  I did sprinkle some cat nip on the base in hopes to lure them to it.

I don't think they fully understand what they're suppose to do with it yet.

Milo does look a little confused.
I did lay a few treats on the other side to encourage them to go thru - if you have one of these and your cats aren't quite grasping walking thru the item try that.  I figured once they had they'd realize it's benefits and like it.

They for the most part both enjoy being groomed and I figured they would really enjoy this too.

Though with Squeak's girth I also did fear he'd walk thru it, and it would get stuck on him and he'd walk around the apartment wearing it.  Kind of like those cats who get the cat door stuck on their stomach.   I'm happy to say that has not happened lol

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