Friday, March 6, 2015

Xtava Silk Edition 5 In 1 Curling Iron...

Xtava Silk Edition 5 In 1 Curling Iron

It's not on their site or on Amazon (to buy currently) so I can't say the price, but I believe it was 39 dollars.

Here is what it says on Amazon:
  • 5 in 1 CURLING IRON The Xtava new interchangeable curling iron offers 5 different ceramic barrels of different shape and sizes to allow maximum versatility with your curling style for a more natural look. From beachy waves to tight curls and everything in between, enjoy endless styling possibilities.
  • CERAMIC TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY Ceramic tourmaline technology will ensures that your hair remains safe and smooth with shiny curls lasting all day long. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair helping seal moisture into your hair and decrease frizz.
  • 360 SWIVEL 8 FT. CORD With the Xtava silk edition you will not need any extension cord or a close outlet thanks to the 8 ft. long power cord. You will also never have a tangled cable while styling your hair. We have integrated the 360 degree swivel cord that will simply rotate around you as you work.
  • SHUT-OFF FUNCTION Incorporates a convenient auto-shutoff function that will turn off the device when left unattended - never worry again about after rushing out.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY Universal dual Voltage that can adapt to your travel schedule and ensure you look just as perfect on the road as at home. Comes with a heat resistant bag for safe storage and carrying everywhere you go.

I do love that the inside of the bag was lined in this way.  Very smart idea.

If there was anything I did wish would have or could have also come with this would be one of those gloves you can wear not to burn yourself.  I might buy some, and while I'm at it, one of those mats you can set it on for my vanity.

At the top we have the main piece the rest can it on to, and there is a locking mechanism which is nice.

There are three clip regular curling irons in varying sizes and then there are two of the wand styles you wrap your hair around.

I have tried three of them so far.   Two of the clip style and one of the wands, it was my first time using a wand, and I won't say it looked amazing but I think there's a slight learning curve with them, specially also not to burn yourself, which I did once, though not badly.

There is an on and off switch, no varying heat settings, or any kind of heat read out, which would be nice, it does get quite hot though and fast, which I suppose I prefer it to be quick.

These are just a couple shots where I used the wand style, and like I said, it's not amazing looking, but I do not blame the curling iron at all, that is me.  Since it was my first time with that wand style and I don't have a glove I was scared of it and I'm sure that'll digress with time and practice, and I'll get better with using it.   I also need to get a bit higher when I'm doing it so that the curls/waves are more framing my face.

I may have almost burnt my hair tonight too, like I said, it does get hot very fast lol

I will say it also gets pretty warm on the main handle part at the very top, so be careful specially if you're using the curling iron with the clip and if you have to have your hand near the top to open and close it.
All in all I like this product, it worked well, the clip curling irons were great, once I master the wand it'll be better.   Prior to this I had multiple curling irons in varying sizes and this takes care of all of that, and I can (if I choose to) get rid of those now and just have one nice compact set, which who doesn't want to free up space and clutter, all those wayward cords everywhere, you know what I'm talking about.

Specially with the nice carrying case to contain it all perfectly.

I look forward to using this more and getting better with it.   Growing up I always wanted curly amazing hair.  Think Grace on "Will And Grace", I'd have killed for that hair.  Maybe one day with enough practice I can master it.
These last two shots are just with my phone, using the biggest barrel of the curling irons with the clip.   One without flash and one with.
I really need to redye my hair again, seeing where the red had been in these curls makes me think of how epic it would look if it was still the bright red (or even the darker red).

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