Friday, March 13, 2015

Dance Lessons Starter Kit...

Dance Lessons Starter Kit
Salsa, Swing, Merengue, and Bachata.
4 DVDs.

Total run time 480 minutes.

On sale for 24.95 on Amazon.

Product description on Amazon:
Dance Lessons Starter Kit. 4 Dance DVDs (Dance Videos) covering Salsa DancingSwing DancingMerengue, and Bachata.

All the social club style dances from your very first steps! Designed for beginners to get you dancing. Nothing is left out, these are complete beginning lessons.
Salsa Dance! The ultimate step by step guide to salsa dance, from your very first steps. This DVD starts from the very beginning, and lays the foundation for salsa dance to get you started simply and easily, step by step. Why learn to Salsa Dance? It's fun, social, and a passion that will last you a lifetime! The benefits to health, fitness, coordination, and lifestyle will be far beyond what you can imagine now!
Swing Dancing - One of the single most prolific styles of dance, you'll find it everywhere. Get ready to swing dance with DanceCrazy's extensive introduction to Swing Dancing.
Bachata Dancing is hot! In Volume 1 for Beginners, we'll guide you through the very basic bachata dance steps, giving you a sturdy and comprehensive foundation to build from. We'll take you, step by step, through all the beginner patterns and techniques, and we'll leave nothing out! No experience necessary! 2 left feet? No Problem! We'll get you out and dancing in no time. You'll learn everything you need in order to become a great Bachata dancer!
Merengue! Dance Lessons for Merengue Dance! One Amzaing DVD, with Beginning, Intermediate, and yes, even Advanced Merengue Dance Instruction. This is the only DVD you'll need to teach you from your very first steps of Merengue dancing, all the way through to some fun and stylish Merengue dance patterns.
Like private lessons, these are the 101 starter course for learning to partner dance.
Here we can see the four DVDs it comes with.  It did also come with a catalog detailing all the DVDs they carry.  I saw they also carry Waltz DVDs and Foxtrot DVDs, I think those would be a lot of fun for future ones to try out.

I do have the Salsa DVD pictured here already (I might pass my copy on to a friend of that one since it's in here, maybe we can learn together, wouldn't that be fun?).

I am actually unfamiliar with Merengue and and Bachata.   I guess my knowledge of dances doesn't goo too far past Dancing With The Stars (though I love that show a lot).

Sorry for any glare on the front and back in the photos.

It was fun to branch out from the Salsa DVDs and was nice to have more variety in the fun workouts I can do with these.

Like the Salsa DVDs I will say these were easy to follow and learn as I was going.  Everything is described well, and shown well, broken down into ease and simplicity.

I'd love to check out the Waltz and Foxtrot ones sometime and maybe more Swing, Swing always looks so fun.

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