Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zombie Stripper Of Pureheart...

Jordana pencil.

Wet N Wild Shimmer eyeshadow primer.
City Color White Gold cream shadow.
Notoriously Morbid shadows in Stripper Zombie, and Love Sigh on the lid, and Stripper Zombie and Pureheart (2) on the lower.
Elf Intense Ink liner.
Covergirl liner (lower).
Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara.

NYC lipstick in Mahogany.
This is my 900th post.  Yay me. 

The Septum is fake, I thought it'd be fun and I was curious to see what I'd look like with it.  I got it on Ebay.


FaithlessDisciple said...

Such a lovely look. I am a huge fan/ hoarder of notoriously morbid pretties. I almost think lipcraft for leatherface from the Merry Monsters VC might be a dupe for that lippy, in which case.. I can try this out too!!
It all looks amazing on you:)

Shopping Addict said...

FaithlessDisciple - Thank you. I also a huge hoarder of NM, I own all the shadows <3
Idk if I'd say it was a dupe, but I think it'd look super pretty with the eye look too, you should totally do it.

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