Monday, March 23, 2015

Clarkson Dermatology...

Clarkson Dermatology

I've been looking into learning more about laser hair removal.  I do have experience with it, once upon a time I had some done on my upper lip area, it didn't fully get rid of the hair, but I now wonder if maybe I didn't have it done enough.   I think I do seem to have stubborn hair as well.   I'd really love to have it done on my legs done, how perfect that would be.  Going to the beach without a second thought, without factoring in time to be able to shave my legs prior to going.   Or throwing on that perfect little dress last minute, that'd also be nice.

Perusing site I see they also offer numerous other treatments, such as laser tattoo removal  I'm very pleased with all of my tattoos, I have six, but there is one that bleed under the skin when it was done (when I got the tattoo done I did not know that tattooing on a stretch mark could make that happen, I wish the tattoo artist at the time would have warned me at the time, or maybe suggested slightly different placement), it's the W in the first word on my chest piece.  I wonder now if it's possible to remove just the W and if redoing it would fix anything.   I'd probably need to meet with a tattoo artist to inquiry more about that and with the laser removal people to see if they could just remove that piece or not.

They also do coolsculpting which is something I have been hearing a lot about lately, but I don't know a great deal about beyond the simple basics of it.  The before and after shots do look somewhat impressive.  Depending on the cost, it's something I certainly wouldn't be oppose to trying.   I have been trying to lead a better healthier lifestyle that includes a better diet and exercise, but this might be helpful for any problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Have you ever had any of these treatments done or any other treatments?  Are you glad you did it?  Were you happy with the results?

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