Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cane Expressions Cane Covers...

Cane Expressions Cane Covers

This exact one isn't on their Etsy but there is a similar one for 9 dollars and 2.25 shipping.

I got this for my Mother, she uses two canes actually so I may have to get another one sometime, she seemed interested in the leopard print one when I was showing her some of the other ones on the Etsy.

I put it on her cane for her (that's not something she can do herself personally), and it wasn't too difficult at all, her canes are old, so they were a little stuck in the position it was in but I got it and slid the cover on it.

She goes to dialysis three times a week and takes her canes with her (clearly - though she also has a ridey cart, but even when she does she still brings the canes) and it's a good way for her to always know which cane is hers.

We also live in a apartment complex that is mainly elderly people so it's also handy to for sure know which cane is hers here too.

I sent her with the business card because she was sure that some of the other women are going to want one too and want to know where she got it.

Even though she is side eyeing her cane in this photo she really did seem pleased with the cane cover, that look is actually pure determination to hold it steady for the photos.

I think this is a really cool idea for canes, specially the beaded ones, and like textured ones.  Really awesome.

Thanks Mom for joining me on my blog today <3

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